17 IPOB members arrested during Nnamdi Kanu parent’s burial has been released

On Friday, 14 February 2020 several cases of abducted members of IPOB who were on their way to the home of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu for the funeral of his parents

The Nigeria security Personnels blocked several roads searching commuters and anyone suspected to be coming for the funeral was abducted and locked up in an unknown destination.

According to the State Media Team,

It was gathered that there has been a search for those that were arrested by SARS in different Police station to seek for their release because they have not committed any crime. According to a report from a reliable source, seventeen members of IPOB were found at States CID Umuahia and fifteen of them were released as at the time of this report.

From the interview with them, one person was shot and he was bleeding seriously. The man was separated from them and taken to an unknown location. While others were tortured with matchets.

The other two are still in custody.

There is a continuous search for the other members who are still missing till this minute.

It is a shame and disheartening that Nigeria is still swimming in impunity. These are innocent citizens that never break any law of the land.

May God help us in this country!

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