20 LASTMA officers face sack over extortion

No fewer than twenty officers of the Lagos State Traffic Management Agency, LASTMA, are currently battling to retain their job as investigation has begun in their cases over allegation of extortion and bribery.

They will be sacked if found guilty of the allegation. Investigation has already been concluded on three of the officers and their sanctions will come anytime from now.

Deputy General Manager, LASTMA, Isaac Adetimiro has disclosed that the management of the agency has intensified efforts at monitoring and sanctioning errant officers owing to numerous complaints.

Speaking on several complaints received from the public, Adetimiro stated that the Agency has completed preliminary investigations on three out of 20 LASTMA officers accused of extortion and high handedness.

He explained further that the officers were awaiting further sanctions through the setting up of a disciplinary committee known as Personnel Management Board (PMB) to adjudicate their cases in line with the Public Service Rules, saying the cases of the remaining 17 officers accused of other misdemeanour were still under investigation.

While assuring Lagosians that no guilty officer would go unpunished by the agency, the DGM declared that majority of LASTMA officers were diligent and upright in the discharge of their duties while the bad eggs tarnishing the image of the agency would be identified and punished.

“We will continue to look out for officers involved in any misdemeanour by increasing our monitoring and surveillance on officers at their duty posts to ensure they are civil to the populace as well as eschew corruption in the discharge of their duties”, Adetimiro stated.

The DGM also used the opportunity to implore all road users in the State to change their attitudes and obey traffic regulations at all times in order to avoid incessant traffic gridlock being experienced on across the metropolis.

Adetimiro, however, solicited for the support of all motorists and urged them to call any of the following numbers 08129928503, 08129928469, 08129928490 and 08129928550 for complaints and enquiries.

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