3 things that could happen to Seun Kuti after arrest for assaulting a police officer

Popular singer and son of Afrobeat King, Seun Kuti has been arrested by the Nigerian Police Force over assault on one of their officers.

NewsInfoNigeria understands that the musician was seen in a viral video where he slapped a police officer on uniforms.

Now there are some things that could happen to him now that he has been arrested for committing an offence against a police officer on duty.

Seun Kuti could be subjected to some physical harassments or some kind of torture in order to pay him back in his own coin. But that could amount to not adherence to the rule of law as torture is not allowed at all.

The musician could also be fined for slapping a police officer since the evidence is glaring to all in a viral video where he was exercising his power on a police officer. He could be asked to pay heavily by the court of competence jurisdiction.

Thirdly Seun could be charged to court and face a jail term. We are not trying to preempt anything here, we know he is still innocent until proven guilty but with such a viral video, it will be difficult to argue his innocency. But if found guilty, the son to the late Afrobeat King, Fela Anikulapo Kuti could be sent to the prison. According to the law assaulting a police officer is crime of a felony and the offender could face three years imprisonment.

Nigerians should know now that nobody is above the law and assaulting a police officer will be going too far to defend yourself no matter what.

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