3 prayers God will not answer, don’t waste your time asking for them

God is not a robot, he does not answer all prayers. That is one of the reasons God is different from man. A man acted in a movie as God, he started very well, but when the requests were too many for him he started saying yes to all requests. But when he saw that the whole world was in crisis, he changed to no. And that was no better at all.

God is not like that he hears all prayers, but does not have an automatic yes or no to all requests.

There are some prayers that God will not answer, don’t waste your time asking for such things. It is better you ask God for what He will do than to keep asking for what He will not do.

Examples of what God will not do includes the following:

Praying against God’s will

If what you are asking for is not the will of God, forget it, it can’t be answered.

Praying that God should kill your spouse

Some people because they are having issues with their marriage and they know as Christians, the only way you can be free to marry another person is that your spouse is dead. So, they start to ask God to kill their spouse. God cannot answer that prayer because He is not a hired killer.

Praying for what will kill you

Some people pray for what may eventually kill them. But because He sees ahead of time, He will not answer that kind of prayers.

A little boy of 4 years old is asking God for a jeep, God will not give you what will take your life. All the people in the Bible that asked God to kill them, their requests were not granted.

What are other prayers God will not answer, that you know?


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