9 things you should know about Unilag ‘cold room’

The University of Lagos, Akoka Lagos has been revealed by BBC Sex for grade documentary to have maintained a room known as ‘cold room’

Here are nine things to know about Unilag Cold Room.

  1. It was established not by lecturers but by the school authority
  2. Number one reason for establishing the room is for seminars
  3. Another reason is for Meetings
  4. Yet another purpose is for events
  5. It is also set up for relaxation
  6. But lecturers have turned it into where where lecturers meet to “touch students’ breast”
  7. The ‘cold room’ experience is the price some female students have to pay to have good grades.
  8. It is also a room where some lecturers have carnal knowledge of co-operating female students.
  9. Finally the ‘cold room’ has now been shut by the school authority.

The Principal Assistant Registrar (Communication Unit) of the university, Taiwo Oloyede said that

“The University Management has ordered the shutdown of the Staff Club “Cold Room” mentioned in the documentary for further investigation. The so-called “Cold Room” is a Functions Room that may have been abused because this is a deviation from the purpose for which it was created..”


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