Femi Adesina, Special Adviser, Media and Publicity to president Muhammadu Buhari has disclosed the dream he had a night before the death of the late Chief of Staff to the president, Mallam Abba Kyari.


Adesina was recounting his last contact with Kyari, where he told Vanguard that in 2015 he was the one who made the announcement of his appointment as the Chief of staff, and ironically in 2020 he also made the announcement of his death.

Our dreams always carry a message which we often ignore, and at times we don’t know the meaning. God always speak to us through dreams, that is why we must pay attention to our dreams.

Adesina stated further that he did not make any meaning of the dream, but after he had the news he remembered the dream he had the night before. He noted that Kyari had come to say goodbye to him.

Here’s the dream Adesina saw the night before Abba Kyari died:

“On Thursday night inward Friday, I dreamt. The President and myself were in a corridor in the Presidential Villa, and he was talking with me. Suddenly, by my right, I saw a figure waiting for me to finish with the President. It was Mallam Abba, clad in his usual white native attire, with the trademark red cap. But this time, there was no flowing Agbada, which I found rather odd. He never (or rarely) appeared without the flowing robe”.

In the dream he disclosed that the late Abba Kyari appeared different, unlike his normal way of dressing with the flowing gown. Another unusual thing that Adesina saw was that Kyari was heavily bearded and he also saw the colour of the beard that he carried in the dream.

“He was heavily bearded, another surprise, and the beard was all white. I rounded off discussion with the President, and yielded space for the Chief,” Adesina added.

Many good testimonies are been shared about the late Chief of Staff to the president, Abba Kyari.

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