A Woman Who Locked Boy In Dog’s Cage Arrested By Police

A viral video of a woman beating a 10-year-old boy before locking him in a dog

cage has been arrested by police in Lagos State, Nigeria.

The 24-year-old woman, who has not been publicly named by authorities, was taken into
custody Wednesday after police analyzed the video and traced her to a specific neighborhood.
She was later found there with the boy, whom she identified as her relative, Lagos state police
spokesman Bala Elkana said.
The footage, which has sparked social media outrage in Nigeria, shows the woman flogging
a half-dressed boy with a belt and then dragging him into a cage, which she locks.
Two dogs were inside kennels beside the cage where the boy was kept.
“She actually confessed that she was the one in the video and that he is a cousin who came
to live with her after he lost his parents,”
Police said the incident took place August 3rd and that the woman claimed the boy provoked
her after he became drunk and damaged her car.
“She told us that she got angry after the boy took some dry gin and broke the side mirror of her car.
Then she locked him in the dog house for some hours.
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