All Biafra Breaking News on Friday 25th December

Merry Christmas to all Biafrans all over the world as the report reaching us indicated that peace has been reigning in the Southeast during the festive period.

Here are some breaking Biafra news this Friday, 25th of December.

  1. The report has been received from the people who travelled to the region that the officers of Eastern Security Network were seen on their duty post.

  2. Nnamdi Kanu has announced that there will be a virtual meeting with the officials of the United Nations as he sets to meet with them for further deliberations.

  3. Eastern Security Network has begun the training and retraining of their men as they vowed to defend their territories.

  4. Biafra or nothing, Nnamdi Kanu tells Igbo politicians who want him to drop the pursuit of BIAFRA restoration for Igbo presidency.

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