Asari Dokubo threatens to petition UN, says Nnamdi Kanu collects money from Igbo Governors

The war of words between Nnamdi Kanu and Asari Dokubu is just getting deeper and freaky as the the former has threatened to petition the Umited Nations, claiming that the later collected money fro the governors of southeast.

Nnamdi Kanu who is the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra and also the Radio Biafra Director has since few days back has unravelled that Asari Dokubu Former Militant in the Niger Delta  betrayed the Biafra struggle.

Nnamdi Kanu during a Live Speech to commemorate the 30th of May  which is the Biafra Heroes day, he said that Asari Dokubu was given 20 Million Naira and he ate the Money without providing the service of which the money was for.

The Biafran Leader also said that during the Nkpor Massacre he gave Asari Dokubu 5 Million Naira to protect the Indigenous people of Biafrans during their march but Asari Dokubu and his men never showed up and IPOB members were killed and massacred in Nkpor in 2016.

Nnamdi Kanu further challenged him to swear with the Quran to show he did not received any money from the Indigenous people of Biafrans.

Asari Dokubu in a swift reply to Nnamdi Kanu Sunday evening sworn with the Quran.

“Nnamdi Kanu your followers has challenged me that If I did not collect any 20 Million Naira from You that I should swear by the Quran, this is a copy of the Quran, I swear by the Quran that I never collected 20 Million naira from you (Nnamdi Kanu) or any of your representatives.

“That I never betrayed any of your members, you sent your members to me they stayed with me and they left as i am making this video i have about 18 IPOB members with me active IPOB members living in my house.

“That is the Love and trust they have for me, so many IPOB BSS commanders, They call me and they talk to me.

“I swear if i collect any Money and I betrayed any Biafrans may God Punish me, May Allah Punish me in this world and there after. ”

Asari Dokubu Challenges Nnamdi Kanu to Swear

Asari Dokubu also challenged the Biafra leader Nnamdi Kanu to swear “if he have never collected money from  all the Governors of the Igbos State and beyond running into hundreds of millions that you have never collected a dime from them you should swear.”

” That you have never betrayed IPOB members with DSS, I know whether you swear or not your days are numbered, you will soon be punished and the whole world will see your disgrace.

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