Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea: Breaking News as star player return with a boost

It’s Chelsea’s time for their Champions League game, next week Tuesday. As, the Thomas Tuchel’s men would be clashing against the Diego Simon’s men’s at National Arena Stadium in Bucharest. The game was transferred to Bucharest in Romania, because of Covid-19.

It’s Champions League and it never comes easy for the both sides. Both Chelsea and Atletico Madrid are balling in their last 6 games at their respective leagues. The LaLiga are side are unbeaten in their last 6 games at the league, and same thing applies to Chelsea at Premier League, 6 matches unbeaten under Thomas Tuchel.
80% of football fans around the world have already written Chelsea off, because they believe that the Blues cannot defeat the LaLiga side. But, Chelsea’s fans stand still and firm on their trusts in the team. The first-leg won’t be at Stamford Bridge, so the Thomas Tuchel’s men still better chance to struggle and subdue the Diego Simon’s men next week Tuesday.
However, Chelsea have received a bad news ahead of their clash against Atletico Madrid clash on Tuesday, as per their Champions League game. And, this bad news has a very huge impact on the Blues bagging 3 points against the LaLiga side next week.
Officially, Atletico Madrid have confirmed that Jao Felix is back from 14 days quarantine, as he trained with the rest of the team yesterday. And, he’s fully ready and expected to play against Levante this evening. The Portuguese was out of Atletico Madrid squad because he contacted Covid-19, and he had to be quarantined in line with the rules and regulations. But, he’s back to the squad as confirmed by the club.
Verily, Jao Felix would play against Chelsea next week Tuesday, and that’s indeed a bad news for the Blues. Because, they have been hoping to face the LaLiga side without the Portugal international, but now he’s has been tested negative and he’s back into the squad. Of course, Chelsea are in serious trouble as the Portuguese is back into the squad, because Felix happens to be one of the most dangerous ballers under Diego Simon and he’s the ability and capability to dribble pass many defenders.
It’s obviously a bad news for Chelsea, because their so called formation 3-4-3 won’t work against Atletico Madrid on Tuesday, as Jao Felix is back in the squad. Therefore, the Thomas Tuchel’s men would have to go extra mile to strengthen and balance their defense line. Because, the Portuguese and Luiz Suarez combination in the front would be so bad for Chelsea’s defense line.
As a reminder, both Chelsea and Atletico Madrid are unbeaten in their last 6 games at their respective leagues, with 5 wins and I draw.

Can Chelsea still defeat Atletico Madrid with Jao Felix?

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