Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea goes to neutral venue as Chelsea not allow to enter Spain

Chelsea have been stopped from entering Spain until a later date and this will force the Champions League game between Atletico Madrid and Chelsea to be played at neutral venue.

Will this be an advantage for the Blues and Thomas Tuchel? Only time will tell.

There are reportedly two sites that can host the game on February 23.
The Champions League game between Atletico Madrid and Chelsea will not take place in Spain, according to Spanish media outlet AS.
The La Liga side tried to convince the country’s authorities to make an exemption for Chelsea so that they’d be able to travel to Madrid.
However, the talks weren’t successful, with Spain banning any travel from the UK until March 2.
It means that Atletico are now tasked with looking for an alternative venue, with Bucharest and Genoa reported to be the potential options.
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