Bad news to Chelsea as their star player sent back to Stamford Bridge after this information is confirmed

According to reports, France have sent Chelsea’s midfielder, Ngolo Kante back to chelsea after confirming he is suffering from an ankle injury.The Chelsea midfielder has been suffering with an ankle ailment since the start of the season, and while he’s made a few games, he keeps reinjuring it. Regrettably, his illness worsened after he played against Liverpool last week. Sadio Mané was involved in a collision and fell on top of his left ankle, further twisting the damaged area.The midfielder was substituted since he was unable to continue playing due to his pain. Following that, Thomas Tuchel verified Kanté’s injury, saying he couldn’t put enough pressure on his ankle to move and accelerate effectively.

Meanwhile, despite being called up to the France national team for international duty, the midfielder was unable to train with the squad owing to injury, and France has now sent him back to Chelsea to recover fully.

Reports claims, Adrien Rabiot has taken his position in the France team.

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