#BBNAIJA 2020: Reactions at what Laycon told Biggie during his diary session

Many people can’t still believed that Kiddwaya, Erica and others have gone, it is unfortunate and touching show is truly that of Season 5 as many loved housemates have been evicted or disqualified.

Indeed, it is a game and anyone can win, this is why the housemates are in the house. Kiddwaya and Prince have also faced such realities after Erica left the house.

Laycon is one housemate who seems to be the leader of the house as he keeps trending every day for his attitude in the house. He has been facing difficulties in his stay in the house due to his relationship with Erica. Since Erica rejected him for Kiddwaya, he has struggled to be happy but yet we see him carrying the lead. The king in the making has been giving us some leadership roles which we seem not to forget.
Today, Laycon was asked some questions as regards the eviction of Kiddwaya and Prince and we saw him answer that he didn’t know Kiddwaya and Prince won’t make it. He added that he thought they would remain till the finals.
Since Erica left the house, everyone thought that Laycon and Kiddwaya would be in angry states as regards her eviction but we saw them become closer than before. Kiddwaya took Laycon as a brother as we saw them do most things together, Laycon however showed remorse for Kiddwaya and Prince as they left the house stating that they were very special and lovable.

Below are some great reactions as fans bashed Laycon for saying this. Many are of the opinion that Laycon is already the winner and he shouldn’t wish for that to happen.

Seeing the turn up of things, do you think Laycon’s mindset is still fixed on the prize?

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