#BBNAIJA: Again Laycon’s diary session trends as fans react

The ongoing reality show has again generated reactions of fans on twitter after BBN Admin tweeted the wrong things about Laycon diary session today.

Laycon was the first to be in the dairy room today and biggie asked him if he could bring anyone back who will it be, Laycon repose was Lilo but the admin reported Erica.

This generated a whole lot of reactions from fans on social media. Why always laycon, Laycon is not the only housemates why is he the only one the admin always tweet rubbish about.

Some angry fans blast the admin and clamour for his removal. If you hate Laycon so hard like this that you tweet the things he did not say to the general public. Please tell us your agenda.

What did you make of this action from BBN organizers admin. This is not the first nor second they are doing to Laycon.

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