#BBNAIJA: Kiddwaya speaks as content of Ozo’s love letter to Nengi revealed

Nengi is really driving Ozo crazy in that house to the extent of him breaking some major rules in the house to please and impress her.

Yesterday, Ozo was issured another strike for writing a secret letter to fellow housemate, which is prohibited and not allowed.

He even made himself a laughing stock more after going to meet the beautiful housemate, tendering an apology for the strike he got.

As friends, Ozo went to Kiddwaya to explain the reason behind the love letter he wrote to her.

He said the reason was to impress her and because he felt it would be nicer to think out of the box.

Kiddwaya gave him advice on how to handle a situation like this. He told him not to show her that he likes her more than she likes him, but Ozo said: No, it’s too late.

Ozo said he has been finding it very hard to switch off.

Kiddwaya then told him that when they are out, many guys will be chasing her. He also told him to do things that will make her jealous because his moves are boring.

Kiddwaya ended it with the fact that girls need men more than they do.

Catch up with this update below in a nutshell.

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