#BBNAIJA: Laycon opens up on type of girls he will not date

The Big Brother’s house seems to be hot as there are only 5 housemates who are all fighting for a chance to win the fame and price on Sunday.

One of the housemates, Laycon has made known to Vee during a discussion on the type of girls he dislikes. Laycon told Vee that he hates girls who always feel too important and beautiful in a relationship.
According to Laycon, I don’t like girls with pride, girls who usually feel too important and beautiful in a relationship are my worsts type of girls. I like girls who are humble and do not feel too proud of themselves in a relationship.

This Laycon’s statement was as a result of Vee asking him the type of girls he does not like to date. Laycon further reveals that Dating a very beautiful girl comes with risk because they would many boys also chasing her likewise you.

Laycon would be predicted to win the 30 million Niara on Sunday because of being among the final 5 housemates in the house.
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