#BBNAIJA: Nengi opened up to Biggie about Ozo and the kind of person he is

Big Brother Naija lockdown housemate, Ozo has opened up to Biggie the kind of person Ozo is during her time in the diary session.

Big Brother: Nengi, How are you feeling today?

Nengi: Honestly, I am feeling much better now but I was very emotional yesterday about Ozo’s eviction. I am not just sad about the fact that he has left the house because I know that I am going to see him in few days. I am basically emotional because of some of the things that I have done wrong to Ozo. The guy is so amazing and I do not think there is anyone in this world that can say that Ozo is not amazing. He has always been taking care of me since our first day in the house. He is a kind of man that always stands for what he wants. He does no waiver, even though I turned him down several times, he was still always looking at me and no other girl in the house. He shows me what true love is and people like him are very rare in this world. I do not think there are many people like Ozo. He does not have time to be fake; he is so real.

The biggest mistake I made was how I made him leave the Big Brother Naija House without being expressive to him. I feel very sad when we quarrel but I don’t tell him all these. I am very sad because one of the last memories he left with me in the house was about our Saturday Night fight in the party.

I made a huge mistake by what I said to Ozo. I told him that “I do not care about him and I want to terminate our friendship.” He begged me all night but I did not listen to him. Even though I did not mean a single thing that I said to him. My biggest regret is that, I do not know how to control what I say whenever I get angry. I was mad at him and I said all sort of things that I should never have said. I was unable to sleep all through the night and I stood from my bed as early as possible and I went to him. I kept telling him I was sorry but I know it was not enough.

Ozo is a very special friend to me. He is a kind of friend that I must never lose in my life. I will do all I can to protect our relationship because he is an honest man that is very rare to find. I felt like I was not being expressive to Ozo while he was in the house. That was a mistake and the fact that I also told him some lies that I should not have.

Opinion: It is now very glaring that Nengi is in love with Ozo with the way she talked about him. She was talking about him like a Wife who just divorced her husband. She loves Ozo but she is just hiding her feelings.

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