#BBNAIJA: Nengi reveals her greatest fear about the house to Ozo

As the Big Brother Naija is presently being broadcast with the housemates playing their script for a chance to stay for a long period of time in the house.

Nengi and Ozo

Nengi who is known to be one of the overrated female housemates in the house is currently doing a love scheme with Ozo. The duos had already got along in the game and can be seen as an item. Although Nengi had already spoken of having a boyfriend outside the big brother’s house but still holds Ozo in high regard.

In a deep conversation between Ozo and Nengi which they discuss many things with Nengi promising to cook Porridge yam for Ozo next week. They both talk about their biggest fears in the house with Nengi saying her Biggest fear in the live event to Ozo.

“My biggest fear in the house is not to be evicted from the show but to see other of my beloved housemates being evicted every week,” Nengi Tells Ozo during their deep chat.

This shows that Nengi does have the best interest of other housemates at heart. Many people were expecting her to say that she is afraid of being evicted, her statement also shows that she seems to be also sure of staying long in the house.

What are your thoughts concerning Nengi statements to Ozo?

Did you think that she is not afraid of Eviction but afraid of other fellow housemates being evicted from the show?

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