#BBNAIJA: See why Erica apologies to Kiddwaya and TrikyTee

Big Brother Naija Housemate, Erica Apologize to Kiddwaya and TrikyTee after making them flopped during today’s Airtel 4G presentation.

All house mates were divided into four (4) groups. Group four (4) comprises of Kiddwaya, Erica and TrikyTee.

During their presentation, Erica forgot her lines and she started laughing, even Kidd didn’t help matters cause he also forgot his lines and tried to improvise. In all, it was an embarrassing performance.

Kiddwaya didn’t find the whole presentation funny and was mad at Erica for laughing after her mistakes. She later apologize to her team members.

Erica to Kidd: When I’m nervous i start laughing, I’m sorry baby.

Kidd: No problem i understand.

Erica to Trikytee: I’m sorry for laughing.

Trikytee: you don’t have to feel bad.

She later went on to say she didn’t do that on purpose because the prize money is for charity.

“It’s not like i didn’t value charity, I’ve my own charity too, but i would have felt terrible if i made you all lose this. I mean if the winning was an individual win, I’ll feel so bad for messing it up for you all, because i love charity.” She said

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