#BBNAIJA: See why Laycon and Nengi trends on Twitter

Laycon and Nengi since yesterday afternoon have been trending with the hashtag “Laycon And Nengi” at the number one spot on Twitter and one will begin to wonder why the two housemates are trending on the Twitter social media platform.

Here is the reason- since the beginning of the Big Brother Naija season 5 lockdown show Laycon and Nengi have always given out positive vibes for each other, both housemates have never in one time or the other have issues or misunderstanding among themselves.

Now, one major reason why “Laycon and Nengi” finally gets to trend on Twitter is because of the party vibe between these two loving housemates. I know people would be wondering what we meant by party vibe between the two housemates.

This is what we mean- ever since week one of the sure, there has always been a Saturday night party were all the housemates goes to the room set aside for partying and a DJ plays for them while they dance and vibe among each other.

One major highlight of these Saturday parties is always Laycon and Nengi as both housemates are always seen dancing with each other in the night parties. It has now even become a norm between the two housemates that they must dance together.

One scenario occurred yesterday during the celebration of Ozo emerging as the winner of the Innoson Brand new car, while celebrating, music was being played at the background and immediately, Laycon and Nengi had already started dancing with each other. This actually got viewers talking, especially the ones on Twitter.

Viewers of the Big Brother Naija show on Twitter have noticed this party vibe between Laycon and Nengi that they started tweeting about it, making the hashtag Laycon and Nengi trend on Twitter. The hashtag even trended at number one on Twitter as of yesterday night.

Here are some tweets by Twitter users on the trending hashtag “Laycon And Nengi”.

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