BBNAIJA: Tega’s husband reveals what he’ll do to her after she left the house

The husband of Tega, who was recently evicted from the BBN 2021, Ajeboh Krislawrence, has revealed that he is ready to give his wife a second chance provided she gives an apology for her behaviour in the Big Brother house before she was evicted.Krislawrence ruled out abandoning his wife, in spite of the online video which pointed to evidence of matrimonial cheating on him by her with a male contestant, Boma.

The man said his wife’s behaviour broke him down but believes she even needs him more than ever now.

Responding to an Instagram Live chat with popular blogger, Tunde Ednut, the emotional husband said he was stunned by the action of his woman in the Big Brother house.

“I cannot lie, I feel deeply sad and broken, so much that I cannot even leave my house due to the volume of stories being peddled round the street. Truely, I am broken and down. I have known my wife to be a very good girl. The moment I watched the video, I asked myself, could this be my wife? I asked further if she was cloned because i could not believe it was the same Tega I knew,” Krislawrence said.He spoke further that he has never witnessed that side of Tega because he sees her as a God-fearing woman who has never disobeyed him before. He wished to have that old Tega back and not the one of the Big Brother house. The saddened man asked Nigerians to pray for his family.

I am human, and everyone is. She must have known that what she did was completely wrong. At the same time, I think she needs the support of everyone more than ever now.Krislawrence said that though there is no perfect marriage, he has never had any problem before with Tega in their four-year old marriage.

He ended by saying if his wife comes back remorseful and apologizes genuinely, he will give her another chance. However, if she insists she was not wrong, then they will both move on.

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