#BBNAIJALOCKDOWN: Why Laycon apologises to Erica

The big brother most-talked about housemates on the Lockdown journal of the TV show, Erica and Laycon had a conversation where Erica articulated her dispeasure over the latter’s thoughts towards her.

Erica lamented that Laycon was indifferent and hostile towards her.
This was completed identified as she was having a chat with Laycon righteously after their Airtel 444 task.

Erica during the dialogue eminent that she does not truly intellectual Laycon maintain his move away from her, but she’s not opportune with his posture towards her.

Erica in her words said she experience like his remote and hostile towards her.

She made him know that he shouldn’t change his attitude even if he wants distance “I don’t care the seat from me but I’m not delighted about your attitude.”

She gave instances someplace Laycon had acted in a average way.

Reacting, Laycon apologizes bit stressing that “it’s subconscious.” Erica, Laycon, and Kiddwaya are entwined in a be devoted to triangle.

She, however, selected Kiddwaya physical attraction while Laycon as solely a friend.

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