Benue COVID-19 index case, who was in isolation for 58 days shares her story after regaining freedom

The index case of COVID-19 in Benue state, Susan Okpe, has shared a video as she packed her things to leave the Abuja isolation centre after being “detained” for “58 days”.

She also made a promise to tell more stories and videos when she settles down.

Her case has generated a lot uproar as she threatened to sue her State Government over what she called illegal detention.

She was also transferred to Abuja from Benue State.

In one of her videos she posted she said, “Hi, everybody, this is Susan Idoko Okpe, née Lawani. I am pleading with everybody to please tell Nigerian government to let me go. This is my 16th day of incarceration. What have I done, what have I done? Benue state lied on me that I have COVID-19. I just got the result yesterday after 15 days and the result is a stage play with different date birthdays, different recordings which they themselves know and trying to put right.”

All through her stay in the isolation centre, Mrs Susan Okpe insisted that she doesn’t have the deadly virus and refused to take medications unless she’s shown the “real” result of her test.

She said the result she was shown was fake because the information therein were not hers, including the age and date of admission.

She also refused to take another test that will confirm if she’s now negative for COVID-19.

After she rejected further tests and treatments, she said they eventually released her after health experts said that she has met the WHO requirements.

“I’ve just been given my test and they said I’m still positive, but I can go, that I’ve met the WHO requirements,” she said.

“I’m finally leaving the detention centre. I’m leaving the incarceration center,” she added as she packed her bags and left the isolation centre in a video she shared online.

She added that she cannot reveal where she’s going to, for security reasons, but promised to release another video when she’s settled.

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