BIAFRA: Nnamdi Kanu reveals the secrets and scams behind the creation of Niger Delta

In case you don’t know, Niger Delta was chosen as a name to replace Biafra and cut Igbo hinterland out of it. Apart from Igbo hinterland, tell me which tribe in Biafra that’s not in the south called Niger Delta?

Same thing they did to the map. Since they couldn’t replace bight of Biafra with bight of Niger Delta they used the name of an Ijaw kingdom Bonny. So now it’s bight of Bonny.

Think well and you will know it’s all a scam to confuse your brain. We are one people.

If you tell me you are Ijaw and you are not Biafra or that you are Urhobo, Efik etc and you are not Biafra maybe I will try to reason with you and give you my ears for explanations even though I know better but the moment you scream you are Niger Delta and not Biafra I just see a half baked bread talking.

In case you don’t know, Niger Delta can be defined as the delta of river Niger which sits on the bight of Biafra as river Niger empties her waters into the Biafra River now called Bonny River. River Biafra is the river that lies between the Atlantic Ocean and the continent with islands, lakes and continental shelves along it.

So what you must understand is that Niger Delta describes the geography of the place while BIAFRA is the place and the people.

At the end, Niger delta is in Biafra.

Argue this with Isaac Adaka Boro who himself declared a Republic out of the failed state of Nigeria and called it Niger Delta Republic.

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