Biggie penalises Tolanibaj, Vee, Tochi over language usage

Biggie has expressed displeasure at three Housemates, Tolanibaj, Vee, and Tochi over the consistent use of their native languages.

On the 18th day, Biggie gave a final warning to the three housemates, who he accused of having developed the habit of speaking in their native languages.

Biggie registered his displeasure, saying the three Housemates were infringing on the house rules with their consistent use of their native language.

“Anytime you speak any other language apart from English or Pidgin, you must interpret it immediately. Failure to do so is an infringement on the House rules,” he said.

However, Biggie stressed it was a thing of pride to represent one’s ethnicity but reminded the erring housemates that they do not share the same ethnic background with other Housemates.

Tolanibaj and Vee are of the Yoruba descent while Tochi is of the Igbo descent.

In the same vein, Kaisha and Bright O were not left out of the reproach.

Biggie called them out to ensure they never miss any workout sessions else they stand to incur a fine.

Kaisha and Bright O once overslept and missed out on the workout session and ended up incurring fines.

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