Bride-to-be hospitalised as man impregnates former girlfriend during lockdown after wedding was postponed

A bride-to-be has landed in the hospital because of the shock that her man has impregnated his former girl friend when the government imposed lockdown in the country.

She had refused to do her wedding during the lockdown, because she wanted a proper wedding with family and friends being present.

According to the report, the wedding would have taken place during the lockdown period but it was postponed to a future date.

The report stated further that it was the bride’s family that insisted for elaborate wedding that eventually resulted in the postponement of the wedding.

The report also revealed that the groom’s ex came for a visiting and was lockdown at his place because interstate travelling was banned during the period.

As the lockdown continued, the lady became pregnant. To make the matter difficult for the bride in waiting, the groom family said they will not go for abortion of the pregnancy.

Check the report below:

“A wedding slated for Week-2 of #CoronaVirus lockdown. Due to new bylaws, groom’s family suggested a quiet solemnization (10 people) & big party later but bride’s family opted for indefinite postponement. Groom’s request for bride to move in wit him till new date was rejected.

“The waiting groom & Ex connected, she came on a visit,couldn’t return to her base cos of inter-state lockdown. They stayed together all through the stay-at-home orders.

“Ex is now pregnant, their parents saying no abortion. Bride in waiting now hospitalized for shock

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