Buhari closes Nigeria’s border for rice, but opens it for coronavirus – Reno Omokri

Former aide to Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri has asked President Buhari about how he could close the Nigeria’s order for rice and opened same for coronavirus.

Read his post below:

“How can you close your border for rice and open it for #CoronaVirus and have the audacity to call yourself a leader? If #COVID19 kills your citizens, who will eat the rice you are protecting? Are rice and fuel more important than human beings who will buy them?

“In 2016, General Buhari proposed importing grass from Brazil for cows. In 2017, he proposed cattle colonies. He is prepared to take drastic actions for cows. Yet, he refuses to take drastic action, like flight restrictions, to protect Nigerians from #COVID 19.

“European nations have restricted flights from Italy, yet we have unrestricted flights between Nigeria and Italy. 2000 people died in Italy, and 27k infected with #CoronaVirus, yet according to their Prime Minister, Italy has not reached its peak infection rate

“It is irresponsible for General Buhari not to restrict flights from high risk nations. He closed Nigeria’s border to protect his cabal’s economic interests, yet refuses to restrict flights to protect Nigerians. Is it because it affects his cabal’s interests?

“Sanwaolu acted well on this saga. He went there, provided relief and cash. He asked the public to donate. Buhari refused to visit. In the spirit of ‘if Mohammed does not go to the mountain’, the mountain went to Mohammed! Dont blame jide sanwoolu. Blame Buhari

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