Celebration at Stamford Bridge as Chelsea clinch another silverware

The FA Women’s Super league fixture between Chelsea and Manchester United was indeed an interesting one as the match ended in a 4-2 win for Chelsea this afternoon.

The both teams played to their best performances to ensure that they win the match. Manchester United took the early first half lead against Chelsea with the goal from Thomas in the 13th minute of the first half. The subsequent goal from Erin equalized the scoreline for Chelsea in the 18th minutes.

However, Manchester United scored another goal in the 25 minutes by Toone, to give Manchester United the lead again against Chelsea. The subsequent goal from Sam Kerr in the 47 minutes of the second half, equalized the scoreline for Chelsea.

Guro also found the back of the net in the 51 minute, to give Chelsea the lead against Manchester United. The subsequent goal From Sam Kerr in the 63rd minutes made the scoreline 4-2.

Below is how the FAWSL Table looks like after Chelsea Vs Manchester United;With this win this afternoon, Chelsea has been crowned the Champions of the FA Women’s Super League for this season.

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