Celebration in Stamford Bridge as two Chelsea stars get nominated for awards

Chelsea are currently in a tough season after loosing two, consecutive matches towards the end of the month of September.The Blues however, have received good news to start the month of October with as two of their stars have been nominated to two categories for last month and if they come out on top will receive the awards.The two players are defender Antonio Rudiger and striker Romelu Lukaku who have been nominated for these awards, player of the month and goal of the month respectively.The two awards are given to players who perform well during the month and and one who has scored the best goal of the month.This comes as a good news to the whole Chelsea community at a time where they need to bounce back from a setback after losing to Manchester City in the premier league and Juventus in the UEFA champions league respectively. Every one will be hope full that all goes well.

Chelsea need to bounce back soon and their game against Southampton this weekend at st. Marys will be the chance before international break.so what do you think about this?
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