Cheering news from Stamford Bridge over the sale of Chelsea to new owners

Roman Abramovich’s plans to sell Chelsea have been paused following the Government’s decision to freeze his assets. Abramovich will no longer benefit from the Stamford Bridge outfit.

According to the ongoing reports, Club executives met with Government officials on Thursday and are expected to continue talks in the coming days.

We can announce some good news and hope for Chelsea fans as the club can now be sold to a new owner as explained by a government official.

Digital and Technology Minister Chris Philp told Sky News on Friday morning that the Government was open to a sale of the club provided the Russian oligarch did not benefit in any way from the deal.

Mr Philp said: “If a buyer emerged then it would be open to that buyer or the to the football club to approach the government and ask for the licence conditions to be varied in a way that allowed that sale to take place they would be able to approach the government to make a proposal.

“To be clear no proposal would be accepted which saw the money the proceeds from any sale ending in an unrestricted bank account owned by Abramovich. He can’t benefit from the proceeds of any sale.

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