Chelsea will score more than four goals against Newcastle on Saturday, if Lampard uses this lineup

After the international break might have been over, all football attention will return to various leagues as English Premier League stands out again.

The match on focus now is between Newcastle and Cheelsea.

And is going to be an amazing match to watch. Most of the Chelsea fans are comfortable enough to say that Chelsea might win Newcastle but the fact about football game is that, any team can win. Without a proper lineup and formation, the possibility of winning the match is less. This coming Saturday, Chelsea will be facing Newcastle and Frank Lampard as expected will surely setup a great lineup that could help the players to win the match.

The secure 3 point is the main target. The both managers will try as much as possible to secure 3 points by the end of the game. Frank Lampard will not like to lose against Newcastle, for that he will be setting up his squad with his best players that are capable of winning the match. However, what frank Lampard needs most on the match is just a good left and right forward wingers. With that, they could create lots of counter attack opportunities. But then this coming Saturday, This is the possible lineup Frank Lampard could use to play against Newcastle.

Goalkeeper: Mendy

Defenders: Chilwell, Zouma, James, Silva

Midfielders: Kovacic, Havertz, Kante

Strikers: Mount, Werner, Odoi.

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