Coronavirus: Italy records 627 new deaths on Friday

The coronavirus has bitten so hard in Italy, as it has recorded on Friday 627 new deaths making it the highest daily records since the pandemic began in the country.

Italy’s previous one-day record death toll was 475, which it recorded on Wednesday.

The daily and overall death rate is now higher in Italy than that of China since the outbreak began in Wuhan.

Italy has seen more than 1,500 fatalities from COVID-19 in the past three days alone.

“There are so many people walking around who have the virus and who are at risk of infecting others,” Matteo Bassetti, the director of the infectious diseases department at Genoa’s San Martino clinic, told Italy’s AGI news agency.

“The 40,000 cases we are talking about could actually be 100 times higher.” the statement said.

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