Coronavirus: Ronaldo quarantined in Portugal as teammate tests positive

Football super star, Cristiano Ronaldo is currently quarantined in Portugal after his Juventus teamamte Daniele Rugani, was tested positive for the coronavirus.

Ronaldo returned to Madeira, his hometown, to visit his mother, who recently hospitalized after she suffered a stroke. But it was there the news broke on Wednesday night that Rugani has been tested positive to the deadly virus.

Meanwhile Rugani took to his official Twitter handle and declared to all his fans that he is doing very fine and that nobody should be worried about him.

“You will have read the news and that is why I want to reassure all those who worry about me, it’s okay. I urge everyone to follow the rules because this virus makes no distinction. Let’s do it for ourselves, for our loved ones and for those around us,” Rugani wrote.

Daniele Rugani


Avrete letto la notizia e per questo ci tengo a tranquillizzare tutti coloro che si stanno preoccupando per me, sto bene.
Invito tutti a rispettare le regole, perché questo virus non fa distinzioni! Facciamolo per noi stessi, per i nostri cari e per chi ci circonda.

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Last Sunday, Ronaldo and Rugani had shared a dressing room after Juventus defeated Inter Milan 2-0 behind closed doors.

Daniele Rugani@DanieleRugan3 punti 2 gol e 1 sorriso in un momento complicato. Noi siamo questi💪⚪⚫

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