COVID-19: Nigerian pastors should show their talent by laying hands on victims – Dokubo

Polpular actress Hilda Dokubo has called on Nigerian pastors to come out and show their talents by going to hospitals and lay hands on victims of coronavirus.

Dokubo asked pastors who believe that they possess supernatural powers to heal to please go to hospitals and lay hands on COVID-19 patients.

Recall that Nigeria has recorded its first death from the coronavirus pandemic as the number of confirmed cases in the country have risen to 36.

Nigeria’s authority has placed ban on large gatherings, even as schools are closed all over the country. COVID-19 has affected all facets of our lives and people cannot do what they used to do again.

The veteran actress is now seeking spiritual solution so that people can go back to their normal lives. She said that she wants urgent action so that the ‘virus can go back to where it came from and we can return to our normal lives’.


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