Daddy Freeze attacks Big Brother Naija for disqualifying Tacha while leaving Mercy

Daddy Freeze has taken a case against Big Brother Nigeria, BBN, for disqualifying Tacha and left Mercy who also fought with Tacha.

Big Brother Naija on Friday disqualified Tacha from the reality show over physical violence and fighting with Mercy.

Tacha was accused of losing her temper which led to her pushing, shoving and pulling of Mercy’s hair which is considered violence.

Big Brother found her guilty of breaking the House rule of physical violence and intent to harm the moment she shoved Mercy, and the moment she pulled her hair on two separate occasions.

Reacting to the development, Daddy Freeze after watching the video clip of said “Dear Big brother, just in case you missed the clip, here it is again, we can clearly see Mercy assaulting @symply_tacha twice, once with how she flung her hair in Tacha’s face, the second time when she grabbed the iron in a threatening manner; THAT’S ASSAULT!.”

“What is Mercy still doing in the house if Tacha was disqualified? “Mercy needs to be disqualified as well, unless you are employing a different metric for both of them, which in my opinion reeks hypocrisy!” he said

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