EPL takes decision that will affect fans of Chelsea, Arsenal, Man United ahead October 1st

The English Premier League has decided on a new decision that will affect the fans of Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United and other clubs in the EPL.

Sport is set to be played behind closed doors for “SEVERAL MONTHS”, with the Premier League set to lose a staggering £100million per month.

On Tuesday morning, MP Michael Gove revealed the Government were attempting to “pause” the proposed return of fans to sporting events – initially set for October 1.

But the BBC now claim the “pause” is set to last months, rather than weeks.

Following Gove’s revelation, Dan Roan tweeted: “Don’t think this is a short term ‘pause’ either.

“I’m hearing sports are to be asked by govt what impact will be of no fans for SEVERAL MONTHS.

“All signs are that action will continue behind closed doors well into next year.”

According to TheSun,  Premier League fans will NOT return to stadiums on October 1 following a huge Covid-19 surge, Michael Gove has announced.

The Government in August revealed they hoped to bring back live crowds at a limited capacity by the start of next month.

But the plans were placed under review this month after a rise in coronavirus cases.

The UK’s Covid-19 alert level has now moved to 4, meaning transmission is “high or rising exponentially”.

It blocks the Premier League’s hopes of having fans return to stadiums.

New measures will be set out by Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday.

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