Every Church should stop singing this Christian song, and this is why

One of the activities that a lot of Christian worshippers look forward to in Church is the praise and worship sessionĀ 

It is a time we sing from the heart as we show how we truly love God and appreciate Him for all He has done for us all.

I must say that some people who go to church do so because of the praise and worship. Although many people believe that the sermon is the best part of the service.

Today we will be looking at this Christian praise song. And why all Churches should stop singing the song. Not that the song is not good but because when singing the song, it eventually leading us telling lies.

We cannot be telling God one thing and at the same time we are doing something entirely different.

So any song we are singing to God that involves promising God and we are not fulfilling the promise, it is better we stop rendering such song.

Now let us look at the song for today which I have already told you why we should stop singing it. Again the reason is that we will be telling lies.

When the Spirit of the Lord is upon my soul, I will dance like David danced. I will dance, I will dance, I will dance like David danced.

Now let us take another look at it, how do we really know how David danced? The Bible recorded that Micah his wife criticised him for downgrading himself and exposing his body while dancing for God. But we will not know how that kind of dance was carried out.

Another reason we should stop singing the song is because even as we are singing it many people in the church are not even dancing, let alone dancing like David danced.

We cannot deceive God, because He knows everything.

Which other songs do you think that Churches should stop singing and why?

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