FC Porto player warns Tuchel, Chelsea ahead of their Champions League quarter final clash

Thomas Tuchel and his team have been warned as FC Porto playmaker claimed that the Champions League quarter final clash with Chelsea will be a big fight.

Portuguese Giants and Chelsea’s next opponents in the UEFA champions league, Porto, have fired a warning shot at the premier league side

Porto’s enigmatic midfielder Matheus Uribe has fired a warning at premier league side Chelsea ahead of the Champions League quarter-final clash between both teams.

According to Matheus Uribe, everyone in the footballing world sees Porto as the weakest team but has warned that Porto will fight to get to the next round just like they did against Italian Giants, Juventus.

Uribe said: “Everyone sees us as the weakest UEFA champions league team in the quarter-finals, and they have not offered us anything.

“If we made it to this stage, it was because we deserved it and because we have worked hard for it.”

He added: “With utmost respect for all the other great teams that are in the quarter-finals, but FC Porto is here to fight with any team and we are prepared for anything. We have a good Chelsea team to face in this quarter-finals and hopefully, with the help of God, we can take this big step that we want and qualify for the semifinals.”

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