Fiction: Popular pastor anoints a lady to death during Church service

Many pastors in the region are conducting anointing services for their members during their services, and through that miracles do occur.

That is why Pastor Jingo Paul who is very popular in the region will be conducting his first anointing service. He has not done it before, but because other pastors are doing it and are getting results, he jumped at it.

Pastor Jingo is popular, it is his first anointing service and he has no auditorium for his Church. He borrowed the church building of his pastor-friend. His friend wanted to help his ministry to gain some members since he is just starting.

The auditorium was filled to capacity, as the first person came out to be anointed, instead of pastor Jingo to anoint her head, he poured all the anointing oil forcefully into her throat. That was how she was chocked to death. Anointing services are to deliver people from their problems. But pastor Jingo anointed a lady to death at his first anointing service.

It is always good to stay on your lane. Don’t do what you are not called to do.

It was so sad as the ministry of pastor Jingo came to an end with a court case on his neck.

May the trap of your enemies, not catch you in Jesus name.


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