Finally, Pope francis will today decide, if Catholic Priests will be allowed to marry

All eyes are on Pope Francis as he will decide today, Wednesday 12/02/2019 whether to allow some Catholic priests to marry, which will means some exceptions to the celibacy rule for priests.

Celibacy has become one of the most controversial issues in the Catholic Church today.

Recall that recently the synod proposed that married men in the Amazon area, should be allowed into the priesthood to address the shortage of clergy in remote parts of the rainforest region.

There have been reports of a shortage of Priests in some quarters, as many people find it difficult to accept the celibacy rule.

If Francis allowed married men into the Priesthood in Catholicism, will it be in the interest of the Church?

There have also been reports of some Reverend Sister resigning and getting married. It seems this is urgent, and all Catholics and the rest of the people in the world are waiting to hear the outcome at noon today.

What do you think about this?





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