Good news to Chelsea ahead of EPL game against Arsenal

There are good news ahead of the Premier League clash between Chelsea and Arsenal as the Blues try to beat Leicester to the third spot on the EPL table.

The London derby is expected to take place between two rivals who has been rivals for long. Chelsea will be soo joyous to know they have attained position four in the right time when only three games to go. Incase chelsea wins aganist arsenal then they will have full confidence of qualifying to the next season uefa champions league.

Chelsea will be full of joy to know that thier plans succeeded where they wanted to reach the top three before three games to go. This comes after the blues by use of its bench harvested a strong win against the benchmark team in europe at ethad before thier territory. Chelsea managed to rest three to four key players in the starting lineup including thiago Silva, Ben chiwel andason mount who even missed in that bench.
However the three players are back in action after having a good rest and they enjoy freshness.
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