How Boko Haram killed my 3 sons, husband in my presence – Pastor’s Wife

Nigerian woman, Madam Abigail Luka has narrated how Boko Haram slaughtered her Pastor- Husband and 3 sons before her very eyes.

Every February 11th will remain indelible and a permanent reminder of heartache and anguish for Madam Abigail Luka, a day she will always wake up to the sad memory of how the dreaded Boko Haram sect killed her husband and three sons.

Before the calamity that struck her family and took away her joy, Madam Abigail and her family lived a very simple life in a quiet village in Chibok local government area of Borno State.

Her husband, Luka Maina, according to Madam Abigail, was a Pastor with the ECWA Church in the community as well as a farmer while their children, Abel, Micah and Titus, aged 21, 16 and 14 respectively, were all students with a bright future ahead of them.

But their simple lives were truncated on February 11, 2018, when the angels of death came calling and snuffed lives out of them because they refused to renounce their faith and religion.

They four of them, according to Madam Abigail, were lined up in their compound and murdered in cold blood while she begged, cried and pleaded with them to have mercy, something they are known to be incapable of.

When a friend from Madam Abigail’s community gave me her phone number and urged me to put a call to her so she could narrate her plight, I was reluctant as I felt her pains would be too much for her to be able to open up but I did all the same and this is what Madam Abigail told me in tears.

Below is her story

“My name is Abigail Luka, an indigene of Chibok in Borno State. Like your friend must have told, I am a widow and childless after Boko Haram killed my husband and three sons in my presence on February 11, 2018.

“My husband was a Pastor with ECWA while our sons, Abel, Micah and Titus were all in school but were home for a break.

“Abel and Micah were in the University of Maiduguri while Titus was a student of Government Science Secondary School, Maiduguri where they were killed. We had just the three of them and they were all taken away from me.

“On the day the killers came, we had just rounded up our evening prayers and retired to bed when we heard sporadic gun shots in the distant.

“My husband woke everyone up and we went into the church which was not far from our house and began praying. Before long, many of our members trooped into the church and we all huddled together and continued to pray.

“We were sure the soldiers stationed in our community would be able to overcome the invaders as they had done on previous occasions after the kidnapping of our girls in 2018.

“But the shooting continued and became very fierce. There was nowhere we could run to because no one knew where the shootings were coming from and one could even run into them.

“Then we started hearing voices commanding every male to come out or they would be wiped out. That was when it dawned on us that they were within the vicinity and my husband urged everyone to remain silent, turn off every form of light and continue praying silently, believing that God will rescue us.

“We were still praying when the door to the church burst open and a bright light zoomed around the church.

‘So you all think you can hide from us? We have come for you and let us see who will save you now,” one menacing young man said.

“He turned to the others outside and said in Hausa: ‘Ga su kaffir anan’ (See the infidels here). Others numbering over 20, wielding guns and machetes came into the church and went straight to my husband.

“It was apparent they knew him as they kept calling the head of infidels and saying they would deal with everyone who refused to renounce Christianity.

‘Where are your three sons?’ The one who seemed to be the leader asked my husband and when he refused to say a thing, they used the butt of their gun to hit him on the head and blood spilled out.

“I screamed from where I was cowering and made to go to his rescue but one of them pointed a gun at me and said he would just kill me like a fly if I moved further.

‘Madam, stay where you are or I will kill you like a fly. We do not want to harm any woman but if you tempt me, I will not hesitate to kill you.’

“After a search, my three sons were rounded up and taken outside the church premises where they were told to kneel down.

“The leader brought out a Quran and gave to my husband, telling him to swear that from that day, he would no longer be a Christian and become a Muslim.

“My husband refused and told them there was nothing, even death, that would make him to renounce his faith in Christ and miss heaven.

“All of them burst into laughter and told my husband that he should then prepare to go heaven. They then turned to my sons and asked them to do the same but they all refused.

‘Since you prefer death instead of accepting Islam, so shall it be,’ the leader announced.

“Meanwhile, I was pleading with them, begging them to have mercy but all my pleas fell on deaf ears.

“Before my eyes, they shot my husband and three sons to death before going ahead to kill six other young men who had also refused to renounce their faiths.

“I don’t know what happened after that as I passed out and was only revived a day later. And since then, my life has never been the same again but I take solace in the fact that my husband and children are with Jesus.

“I live with the permanent scar of seeing my entire family wiped out by Boko Haram but I strongly believe in Jesus and have the hope of reuniting with them on the glorious day.”

That is the pathetic story of Madam Abigail Luka whose husband and three sons were wiped out by the dreaded Boko Haram sect because they refused to renounce their faiths in Christ.

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