How ‘Danfo driver’ always on tie made his millions (PHOTOS)

Written by PETER -LAGOS

Mr. Isaac Boateng Osarfo, a Danfo driver here in lagos disclosed to Sunrise News Nigeria

how hard work, tenancity and willingness to save changed his life.

Mr. Isaac is a Ghanaian that came toLagos, Nigeria with a sole aim of making it, since he

has no opportunity over there in Ghana.

When he came to Lgos he doesn’t know how to drive, so he started as a bus conductor.

Even then as a conductor he loves to dress very well wearing his trouser, shirt and tie. He is

always on tie and his shoes are shinning.

How 'Danfo driver' always on tie made his millions

He told Sunrise News that he made sacrifices in saving as he doesn’t spend anyhow as other

conductors will do.

Most of his fellow conductors are still doing conductor but he has since graduated to become

a successful driver.

How 'Danfo driver' always on tie made his millions

Mr. Isaac is happily married here in Nigeria and he is a successful ‘Danfo driver’.

The big lesson here is that whatever your hand find doing no matter how small it is do it

with all your heart.

Another lesson is ability to save. When we develop saving culture what we can get is incredible.

We brought this story to you all so as to learn and become successful in your field and don’t trivialise

any business. You too can become a millionaire in your field.

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