How Fraudsters Hack Bank Accounts

Fraudsters are on the move again. They are always looking for several means to make people cry in order to enrich themselves.

And that is why you must be wise like serpents, there are so many ways they use in defrauding unsuspected members of the public.

Sunrise news Nigeria will expose their latest strategy in order for you not to be a prey to their schemes, run away from the mentality of free meals it doesn’t exist.

New Trick Fraudsters Use To Hack Bank Accounts now is this: They will call you on phone telling you that the owner of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg is rewarding Facebook users and that you have been selected as a winner of a sum of money.

They will send a code to your phone and ask you to send it back to them or call it out for them. Please and please don’t give the code sent to you as SMS back to them.

If you do that they will have access to all the information about your Bank Accounts and they will wipe it out within minutes!

Be careful, be guided and don’t gravitate towards gain that you did not labour for.

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