How Orisabunmi and siblings died within four days

What an unbelievable news! Few hours after a veteran of the Nollywood industry (Yoruba Clan) Orisabunmi’s death was announced, her elder brother and sister are now dead too.

This is indeed a sad news, for a family to lose 3 siblings within the space of four days. Orisabunmi died on Wednesday after a having series of cough, then her elder brother died the next day. And now their last born who gave interviews few days ago dropped dead on Saturday.

What can we make of this? Should we say it is what the Yoruba termed as “Akufa”; this is a scenario where the death of a person sparks the death of other members of the family.

Or maybe it is a natural phenomenon, no one could say why these deaths happened but it is so painful and one of the saddest thing that could happen.

May their souls rest in peace! And we pray that evil stops in their families that they had left behind.

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