How to easily and successfully win Baba Ijebu lotto

Some people call it Ghana lotto,  R&S, Golden chance, and Premier lotto, but all put together is called Baba Ijebu lotto. It is known as Baba Ijebu to many people. It is such a popular game here in Nigeria and many people are playing it on a daily basis.

In this article we will look at how you can successfully play Baba Ijebu and how you can win as we look at the testimonies of some people who have won it and have continued to win it.

One thing about this lotto apart from being popular here in Nigeria, Baba Ijebu lotto is played by people from all works of life. The rich, the comfortable, the strugglers, as well as the poor play it.

We will be very practical in this article, unlike others who based on theories, we will guide you on all you need to know about Baba Ijebu lotto.

Once you are armed with what you need to know and you put it into good use, then the sky is your limits.

You need to know these plans

One against Others

What we call one number against the others is that you are sure that the number must come no matter what. So if you stand one number against seven numbers for you to win that number must come with any other number in the team as you have selected.

Now for example, you stand 7 against 9, 12, 25, 55, 6, 12 for you to win 7 and one other number from 9, 12, 25, 55, 6, 12 must happen before you can win.

3 Direct

Many people like to target this three direct anytime they are playing Baba Ijebu lotto because it is the highest paid plan. As with a token of N100, you can get N200,000.

But the thing is that it is somehow difficult to win because for you to win, your three numbers must come among the five winning numbers.

This is how it works, if you choose these three numbers say, 33, 13 and 31 for you to win the three numbers must come. But here is the only way you can still win money by permming it, in this case if two numbers come, you will win.

Baba Ijebu lotto

2 Sure

We can say without mincing words that two sure is quite easy than 3 direct. Unlike three direct in Baba Ijebu lotto, it means that you only need to predict correctly two numbers before you can win some cash for yourself.

For example, if you choose 9 and 39 as your 2 sure numbers, it means you can only if and only if, the two numbers come as part of the winning numbers.

One number or Banker.

One thing you should know about this plan is that it doesn’t yield like others. This is because it is easier to predict one number correctly among five numbers.

Many people especially the people who do not want to lose their money opt for this. As it implies, only one number is needed and it is called banker


You are spreading your net in many areas in order to win big. You don’t want to go for 2 sure or 3 direct so you are thinking of playing smart, that is why you are using permutations. You can perm up to about ten numbers and you have just two numbers among the winning numbers you are a Winner.

How to successfully play and win Baba Ijebu lotto

Like I told you at the beginning, we will be very practical in discussing how you can win Baba Ijebu lotto.

We will look at the strategy and the testimonies of people who have won it many times and use it to teach you on how you can be winning as from today.

But before I tell you on how to win Baba Ijebu lotto, I also need to sound a warning that you need to also consider.

Firstly, from the experience of people who are playing it, Baba Ijebu lotto as well as other games like sports bet it can be addictive.

Some people can’t do without playing it whether they are winning or not. A bus conductor in Lagos Nigeria told SunriseNews that he cannot do without it and that he cannot eat unless he has played Baba Ijebu lotto on a daily basis.

Some people also in their bid to win will use other people money to play it. I know someone who used his house rent to play Baba Ijebu and I have also heard of people who used the school fees of their children to play it. Another true life story is a university undergraduate used his school fees given to him by his parents to play and he lost all the money. So take heed when you are playing Baba Ijebu lotto.

Now back to how to play so that you can win

Baba Ijebu lotto

Here are practical ways to win.

1. Don’t be too serious about it.

Many people who play and have been winning will tell you that it is fun for them. They are very flexible, they get numbers from everything and everywhere. One of the winners of Baba Ijebu lotto said that he sometimes check the number of money he has at hand and used it to form his numbers.

Another person said that he is so free with numbers that he can pick numbers from the shirt somebody is wearing. He said at times he pick it from vehicles plate numbers. It is not something you want to kill yourself over.

Baba Ijebu lotto

2. Forecasting

Many people who take it seriously normally use this method. You will see them morning and night looking at the trend of numbers that have come in the past. They now use these numbers to predict the next numbers that could come.

3. Targeted Numbers

This one is pragmatic approach. You get some set of numbers that you play always and you are saying if they don’t come today, they will come other times..

Baba Ijebu

4. Spiritual aspect

This set of people don’t want to rely on forcasting they rather go to spiritual houses for prayers and favour. At times they get some numbers written in some pieces of paper, they close their eyes and pick at random. They believed that the Spiritual controls the physical including Baba Ijebu lotto.

5. Getting numbers in the Dream

Some people who are winning Baba Ijebu lotto confessed that most times they get some numbers in the dream when they are sleeping.

So upon waking up, they rush to the lotto point to play the numbers. The problem with this is that some people will not remember their dream and when they wake up they forget the numbers.

Sometimes, it also failed even when you remember the numbers. Dreams cannot be fully relied on because it can fail also.

After learning all these, you need to be careful and follow what we recommended here in this article.

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