How to link your NIN to your phone numbers on NIMC Mobile App yourself

A lot of Nigerians, about 70 million people cannot make calls again with their numbers but they can still receive calls, sunrisenewsnigeria can confirm.

Some of them who spoke to our reporters could not hide their frustrations but the authority has moved swiftly by providing a mobile App in which Nigerians can now link their numbers with their NIN and can now start to make calls again..

Some people are tired of spending hours trying to queue up and still unable to successfully get it done.

Some people told our reporter that they will go get new SIM card instead but here is how you can do it yourself, linking up your phone number or numbers to your NIN.

You can go quickly to Google Play Store (Android) and Apple App Store (iPhone) to download it NOW. This is the first step as you will be doing it by yourself without paying any money to anybody and without leaving the comfort of your home.

For the avoidance of doubt, the minister of communications and digital economy, Dr Isa Pantami, said seven SIM cards can be linked to one NIN via the NIMC Mobile App. So it is not illegal to have more than one SIM cards.

1: Download NIMC Mobile ID App Download the original NIMC app. You can click here to download the app or go directly to Google Play Store (Android) and Apple App Store (iPhone) to download it

2: Login with your NIN Use your 11-digit NIN digits to login into the NIMC mobile app After log in, you will be presented with the menu containing six sections, namely: Show MY ID Get Virtual NIN Scan an ID Security PIN (Set up your security pin which you will be using for subsequent logins) Print NIN Slip (You can download and print your slip as earlier explained here) Link My Numbers

3: Click Link My Numbers Here is where you will link up to seven numbers with the NIN. After clicking “Link My Numbers, enter the number you want to link. Note that the SIM must be active, that is, it must inserted into a phone. This will enable you to receive an One Time Password (OTP) for verification purposes via the SMS.

4: Enter the OTP After receiving the OTP via SMS, input into the box and hit submit. You will be notified if the linking is successful. All you need to do to link another SIM to your NIN is just repeat the process explained above.

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