Huge updates from Stamford Bridge as potential Abramovich’s successor upgrades Chelsea bid

As Roman Abramovich walks away from Stamford Bridge outfit, Chelsea, the potential owner, Nick Candy has improved his British-led bid to buy Chelsea Football Club.

The list of the bids to buy Chelsea could be announced soonest.

Candy improvement came due to his addition of another large international backer to his Blue Football Consortium.

Last Friday, Candy brought in a bid of Over £2billion to the Raine Group. But at the moment, he has increase the bid, owing to his collaboration with a large Korean financial institution, which joined his Consortium over the weekend.

The actual proof of this additional bidding fund has been sent to The Raine Group. This has also boosted Candy’s bid, and has made him to become one of the few most preferred bidders to make the shortlist.

At the moment, The Raine Group is meeting in order to draw and map out a shortlist of the most preferred bidders who are interested in buying Chelsea Football Club.

The decision for the shortlisting was expected to come up between Monday evening and Tuesday, while the actual selling of the club with the corresponding protocols is likely to take about one more month.

Candy disclosed his initial discussion with tech platform Primary-Bid, which has the agenda of making fans to be more involved in the future of the club, a kind of community enfranchisement model for Chelsea.

In a sense, he posited that it will be a way of giving football back to the fans. So that together, they can preserve the legacy of the club, and bring it to the world stage.

This Primary-Bid, for him, would allow every stakeholder of Chelsea, with the employees and the fans, to have an opportunity to buy a stake in the club

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