I don’t want to be a Governor, Nnamdi Kanu rejects new offer

The former Governor of Abia State Orji Uzor Kalu has spoken with Nnamdi kanu yesterday, promised him that if he can drop the Biafra agitation, he will work for him to become the next Governor of Abia State.

Nnamdi kanu replies him, “I will rather die than to quit the Biafra agitation, I am not interested to be a Governor or President, all I want is the freedom of my people.

I have decided to pursue the cause of Biafra restoration, this is the cause I have praperad to die for, if that is what it takes. There is nothing any man or woman can offer me in this world to quit Biafra agitation.”

Recall that Kalu had boasted that he can bring Nnamdi Kanu back to Nigeria and ask him to stop BIAFRA struggle and agitation.

The people of southeast, particularly the politicians are gearing up to produce the next president of Nigeria come 2023.

As the game plan is going on among the political leaders some separatists are of the opinion that Biafra is the way to go.

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