I will support Biafra on one condition – Umahi reveals

The governor of Ebonyi state has promised to deliver Biafrans from the shackles of Nigeria in just one year of his administration.

He begged the people of South East to massively get their PVC and vote for him in 2023 as the next president of Nigeria.

Speaking to News Men, Umahi stated that he is in support of Biafra struggle but can’t support it openly because of the oath he took.

In his words;.

I want to let the people of South East to note that Biafra is first thing I will achieve when I finally takes over from Buhari.

I am a Biafran too just that I can’t support it in public and I hate Nnamdi kanu but as for the struggle, I have been a supporter since the time of ojukwu.

Ndi igbo should get their PVC and vote for me and be rest assured that I will bring Biafra in one year.

You know I’m very smart. I will use the brain of those northerners who are illiterates.

Support me.

Source: Reporterspress

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